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Smart Vents now work with ecobee

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From the moment we introduced the Smart Vent System on Shark Tank in early 2015, integration with ecobee’s smart thermostat has consistently ranked as one of the most frequently requested new features. After months of hard work and testing, we are pleased to announce, Keen Home Smart Vents are officially compatible with ecobee3 and ecobee lite smart thermostats and ecobee room sensors! This is a huge deal. Here’s why:

  1. More smart thermostat integrations mean smarter vents. We launched with support for Nest’s Learning Thermostat as well as wi-fi thermostats on the SmartThings and Lowe’s Iris platforms. With the addition of ecobee3 to our roster of integrations, we’re making good on our promise to be integration-centric and to meet homeowners where they already are in terms of smart home technology.
  2. Wouldn’t it be great to have a thermostat in every room? With Smart Vents and ecobee room sensors, that’s what you’ll get. Even more frequently requested than ecobee3 integration, room-by-room thermostat functionality embodies the promise of Smart Vents for many of our customers . While we previously could only report on air temperature, ecobee’s room sensors give your Smart Vent System another data point from which to determine and act on temperature discrepancies between rooms. Best of all, we have learned a ton about working with room sensors and have started work on our own.
  3. Have multiple ecobee3’s in your home? Now you can pair them all with your Smart Vent System to support multiple zones. There is no limit to the number of thermostats that can be added, and with room sensors in place, you will have a comprehensive view of the climate in your home.

If all of that sounds interesting to you and you have an ecobee3 or ecobee lite, update your Keen Home app and connect your thermostat. For those of you who have been waiting for ecobee support, Smart Vent Bundles are available in our shop.

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  • Ken Meuer on

    Just getting going with EcoBee and Keen vents.. I have been waiting for this for over 20 years. If I could suggest a feature.. I would like a room sensor to be able to trigger the thermostat to cool or heat. If thermostat is in cool mode and temp of room rises above set temp, room sensor would cause thermostat to turn on system to cool room. My thermostat is in the main part of the house but my Master Room is upstairs. the Master is about 10 degrees warmer then the Main house but will not cool until the main house temp rises about setting.

  • Doug on

    Glad to hear that you are working on your own room sensors, seems like a perfect fit for Keen – aside from the obligatory motion and temperature sensors, please make sure you include humidity(!) sensors, as that is a huge component of comfort levels in a room (for example, see the Aeon Labs Zwave MultiSensor 6). Also, please make sure it can also share its data back to other integrated systems like SmartThings.

  • Marios Kimonos on

    I have the Smart Thing Hub, do I still require the the bridge? Smart Things hub Works with Zigbee devices.

  • Mark Puls on

    I also have gone all in using the Nest product. Besides the thermostat,I also have the home equipped with 3 smoke and carbon monoxide sensors. I am equipped with 11 smart vents and echo Robert’s statement or question. It’s good to hear the Ecobee homeowners are set, is there a way to help out Nest as a leader to help their customers get that added efficiency. Any ideas?…. Thanks

  • Robert Boestler on

    I have invested in the Nest Thermostat, and Nest Protects which are deployed in each bedroom and in the main walkway of each of the 3 floors of my house. Couldn’t you use the sensors in the Nest Protect to know the temperatures in each area and do basically the same thing that you are describing above with these Ecobee room sensors?

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