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Finally, the perfect temperature for any room.

Using Smart Vents with an ecobee3 thermostat gives you even more comfort and energy efficiency.

Stop paying to be uncomfortable.

What if you could zone each room of your home and stop wasting money heating or cooling rooms you aren’t using?

Smart Vents

+ ecobee3

A thermostat for any room

Your thermostat relies on your air vents to deliver air to each room. When you reduce a room’s airflow through its vents, air is redirected to your other rooms. Adding Smart Vents to a room not only makes that room more comfortable, but balances your entire house and saves money each month.

How it works:

Smart Vents + ecobee

How it works:

Smart Vents + ecobee

You have rooms that:

Keen Home + ecobee let you:


You have rooms that:


Keen Home + ecobee let you:

How Keen Home customers are using Smart Vents



Keeping kids


What you need to get started

Start saving on your monthly energy bill for as little as $185.

Smart Bridge

normally $39.99
  • Control center for your Smart Vent system
  • Creates the low-power ZigBee wireless network to controll all your Smart Vents
  • Second Bridge can serve as a wireless signal repeater when only plugged into power

Smart Vents

normally $84.99 - $89.99
  • Control airflow to each room through the app
  • Set up an “occupancy” schedule for each room
  • Wirelessly powered - 4 (included) AA batteries last up to 2 years

Standard duct sizes sizes - Learn how to measure

4”x10” 4”x12”
6”x10” 6”x12"

1. Remove your vent.

2. If your air duct looks like this, Trim Kits will work for you without restricting airflow.

3. If your air duct looks like this, Trim Kits won't work for you.

Expanded duct sizes with Trim Kits

4”x14” 8”x10” 8”x12”
6”x14” 10”x10"
8”x14” 12”x12”

ecobee3 and ecobee Room Sensors


By integrating your ecobee3 and ecobee Room Sensors with Smart Vents, you can automate airflow and set a desired temperature for each room. Keen Home Smart Bridge required for integration.

Additional sensors are sold in two-packs for $79.99.

In our four bedroom test home, we upgraded just two rooms and saved 14% on our monthly energy bill.

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